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AMX 30 prot. Needless nerfs (somewhat old)

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WE R BACON #1 Posted 08 June 2019 - 02:59 AM


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So the old AMX 30 prot. I’m talking about is the one with the 260 pen. And the 1500 m/s shell velocity. I really don’t understand why this tank needed changing. When I first saw the PC changes to lower the penetration but increase the RoF, I was a bit skeptical, but hopeful. “Ok so I’m losing penetration but I’m gaining rate of fire so it’ll balance itself out. 

Then the balance update hit, and I saw the expected penetration nerf... in addition to a rate of fire nerf. Why??!?!!? Like I just can’t wrap my head around it. It should be noted that I 3 marked the old AMX 30 prot. Any AMX 30 prot players out there... is it still worth it? Or should I find another favorite tier 9 Medium? (Thanks for that WG, promises not to remove people’s favorite tanks, but needs them into the ground instead) 

Kaboost #2 Posted 08 June 2019 - 03:12 AM


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I don’t think the rate of fire was nerfed, it just never got buffed when the tier 9 meds with similar guns did. Which is why it feels nerfed.


Try the Patton or Leopard PTA. PTA is a better AMX 30 p but without the gun mantle.


And I agree they need to revert it’s nerfs. I kept it in my garage in a hopeless dream that one day I’ll wake up and it’ll have it’s PC stats or at least reverted back to what it was.

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Lights tanks need rebalanced(again)

​Update 4.2 and 4.6 were terrible

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