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The "Panama" paradox may be busted!

panama advantage disadvantage paradox

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P6X330 #1 Posted 08 June 2019 - 08:20 PM


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You remember that after the Panama map was introduced, there were a lot of complaints about the disadvantage if you were on the Southern spawn.


So, WG altered both spawns, in an attempt to balance the map.


Today, I witnessed a very efficient yet unconventional way to win during an assault battle, South spawn defending.

At time zero, most of our team went East, while it is usual for both teams to go West.

An Emil II and myself in B/C AP went West nevertheless, asking for support, but getting "negative" in returns.

As expected, all the reds were coming westward, both Emil and I stayed under their life of fire while lighting them. And it worked!

Our team, while undetected, picked them apart while they were mostly trying to rush us, because we seemed to be so vulnerable.


They got defeated, but one stand-alone SConq., which I failed to remove, having overestimated my penetration once more.


I am reporting this because this is the first time I see Panama Assault being won that way. Of course, if Emil and I had not been playing scout and bait, our team may not have had it so easy. Also, the enemy team fell in the trap too. They should not have pushed so aggressively while being the defending team. 

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