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Intentional Team Killing

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sgt alix #1 Posted 13 June 2019 - 05:19 AM


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Now before I go any further than the title. Yes i know friendly fire is not a thing and that my Kv-2 can derp a shot into a friendly tier 1 and they will roll on with no damage to their tank. What I have been seeing more and more of is people on the same team pushing a friendly out from cover and basically using the enemy team to kill them instantly. So now that we got that out of the way. Sit back with a nice cup of coco as i tell my story.


Good after noon kids. Man do i have a story for you. this story is about four tanks. Two big stupid Tank destroyers (TD-1 & TD-2 they were in a platoon), A heavy pinata (HT-3), and on the other team little arty two by four (Me). Now it was like any other match for little arty. Sitting in a bush in the north end of the Abby map. Arty was looking down his preferred lane due to the fact that most tanks that go there end up going brown alert and stopping behind a rock or something, so easy targets. On this day it was a heavy Russian tank and two tanks destroyers he didn't bother remembering the nations they were from. hes artillery hes not that smart, But little arty was smart enough to know who as the biggest threat to the team. That boys and girls was the heavy tank who was angles with a rock in front of his lower glacis. This rock was not problem for little arty. He just started lobbing shells at that heavy tank, which was supper easy since his tracks were destroyed the entire time. That's when the two mean tank destroyers showed up. The first one didn't like the heavy so he huffed and puffed and revved his engine and pushed the heavy tank sideways in front of little arty team, and boy did those guys make quick work of a sideways heavy with no tracks. Then that same tank destroyer started to use the dead heavy as cover. The second tank destroyer he... uhhh... i don't know called him names or something. In reality he just sat there and got shot at a lot. He blew up shortly after. So that left the the tank destroyer that did the pushing. Little did he know that little arty two by four saw the whole thing happen. Little arty didn't like what he saw so instead of going for the heavy tank with his team he aimed for that mean old TD, and he sploshed and splashed his artillery shells at him. He eventually took most of the TD's health and a with the last shell as if George Patton reached down from heaven and slammed dunked that shell personally. The tank destroyer caught on fire and went back to the garage. The End. Know I know you all want to know what happened to little arty two by four. Well a ,light tank found him and well artillery units can't aim to save there tailpipes and he blew up.



Spark notes - The story above was just me having a bit of fun. To break the whole thing down into something easier. I was Arty and saw an enemy tank destroyer push one of his tracked team mates out from some decent cover. he was now sideways and I took half of his HP before he was pushed so he died fast. As I saw this happening i stopped shooting at the Heavy and head hunted the TD to avenge him, which i did by setting the TD on fire and watch his HP burn away to zero. Funny part is in the end game results the Heavy had more Xp and did more damage than the TD.



Audio - Coming soon. Seriously i spend a half hour recording various moments from that match. I just need to put it together between work and stuff. So ill comment when I finish it.



Shameless advertising - I also have small clips of random stuff from past games on my YouTube channel. So stop by if you want or not. Hope you have a nice day. 


IEnjoythissee #2 Posted 13 June 2019 - 09:51 AM

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I feel really good:izmena: when I hit enemy trolls. 

Highlordwurm #3 Posted 13 June 2019 - 05:48 PM

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Lol!  good story!  tbh, that phenomena used to be WAY worse!  people used to do it to me all the time...or at least try!  stupid is as stupid does, if you think that killing a team mate increases your chances of winning, well...what can I say?  It just goes to show, no matter how many rules you have, how many algorithms and how much you try and control people's behaviour, we will always have jerks, people having bad days and morons.  I think your method is the best way of dealing with it and I have done the same, I see some poor red getting shoved out from behind cover I start aiming at the pusher, it just feels good!  Sometimes you get to be Cosmic Justice's hammer!  Keep up the good work!


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