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Mercenaries need to go!


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Applesauce898 #1 Posted 23 June 2019 - 04:54 PM


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Mercenaries are overpowered.

They are variations of already existing tanks,  with spaced armor on nearly all of them. 

E.G: I was in my is-5 and a reach shot me alongside a vk30.01 and they got rid of two thirds of my health,  I shot back at the reach and it dinged (retreating very quickly in the process),  it then (after a few seconds) came back out and finished me of.

And the absolution can ding shots from the borsig way to often is stupid. 

Also see Te picture below to see an AFK bulwark deflecting 900 dmg


The fact that there not historicaly accurate in the slightest (accept the stinger) is ridiculous.


Also,  is it me or does this look a little similar to crossout, hmmm


I would be alright with them if they:

1) possibly change the story from being a well known "fact" in this wot universe to being a plan no one knows about ,as the mercenaries couldn't get the supplies to put the plan to action


Or 3) put them in there own matchmaking 

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ATHFjman18 #2 Posted 23 June 2019 - 05:45 PM


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I’m sorry, but using the Long Reach and Bulwark as examples of OP merc tanks is laughable. 


The Reach is an absolute dumper of a tank...there is no “retreating very quickly” in that tank with a 8km reverse speed. The Bulwark has never once scared me at all too. If two tier VIs are beating up on an IS-5 (or any tier VIII heavy tank), it is more or less user error than anything. 


You have an extremely valid point that the Absolution is OP, but a little bit of aiming to avoid the spaced armor can easily dispatch it, especially if the tank is a tier VIII, like your example of the Borsig. 

Sammael85 #3 Posted 23 June 2019 - 06:50 PM


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One has to be extremely unlucky or else get really dumped by the game to land shots in the +300mm bits of practical armor that the Abomination has with a Rhm.-Borsig, no matter what gun are you using (considering you're into the appropiate gameplay style of the gun of your choice). However with more unnacurate guns that can tend to happen quite often.

The Long Reach however is trully a mole on the rear, It has what i call "the Sturer Emil syndrom" in which you can consider yourself lucky enough if you manage to land more than 3 penetrating shots and survive. The Bulwark is way better but is far away to be OP, I would rather consider the Needle in proper hands more useful than it.



HomicidalApple0 #4 Posted 23 June 2019 - 07:16 PM

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Lol your examples of OP minus the absolution is hilarious.... of course a bulwark at top tier can bounce 900dmg. It’s higgest tank is tier 5 meaning a bunch probably just auto locked it and have terrible guns. The reach is so slow I guarantee you it went nowhere fast.... and has like a 13 second base reload.

Again it’s a business and they needed to add something to try and keep players grinding and playing other tank lines. They aren’t for everyone but I’m sure plenty enjoy playing the game to earn other machines for free to try out on top of premium time and such. It’s perfect by no means but it’s not that awful.

im_balthazur #5 Posted 23 June 2019 - 10:02 PM

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The Absolution is not OP. If that was the case than so is the 30.01. 


The Absolution is OA but not OP

LargoGinganinja #6 Posted 15 July 2019 - 06:05 PM


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LOL if anything the vast majority or merc tanks are under powered (slapjack, lawgiver, brick, caboose,bucket,stubbs,smoothman) but I love my tusk and most players consider that the worst t10 light.

RobSha76 #7 Posted 17 August 2019 - 09:50 PM

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The Absolution needs to bump up one tier. None of the other tier 6 heavys are remotly close to match it.  

TransparentBlue #8 Posted 17 August 2019 - 10:15 PM


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It's all the spaced armor that makes them both look and play stupid.

My Gunner knows 700 tanks intimately enough to color the reticle perfectly every time.

Yet hang a sheet of tinfoil over a tank and suddenly he's a complete idiot.

But, that said, Wacky Racestm tanks are not a good addition to the game.

SoMuchHard #9 Posted 02 September 2019 - 07:18 PM


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View PostTransparentBlue, on 17 August 2019 - 11:15 PM, said:

It's all the spaced armor that makes them both look and play stupid.

My Gunner knows 700 tanks intimately enough to color the reticle perfectly every time.

Yet hang a sheet of tinfoil over a tank and suddenly he's a complete idiot.

But, that said, Wacky Racestm tanks are not a good addition to the game.


100% agree with you. Worse addition in Wot console story.

Red Dough Boy #10 Posted 13 December 2019 - 09:51 PM


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The Bulwark is useless in tier 7 matches, if it was fighting tier 3's and 4's I can see it bouncing that much. The Reach also only has spaced armor over one part of the front, aim a bit higher where the front MG and driver view port is. The Absolution is a bit on the OP side for armor, but the gun is below average for a tier 6 heavy and the weak spots are the tall cupola and under the spaced armor in the front. Slapjack is another that is out gunned and should have premium matchmaking. The majority of good Merc tanks are actually at tier 8 or above, mid tier and low tier merc tanks aren't even worth getting. Spaced armor is about the only thing a lot of Mercs have, use the armor viewer and look into weak spots. 


And it sounds like if you got your as* kicked in an IS-5 fighting a pair of tier 6 tanks you messed up somewhere. The gun on the reach is good at tier 6, but at tier 8 it's a stock gun. So I'm guessing you think all tanks that kill you should be nerfed. 

If I only had a Baneblade....




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