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U gonna Learn Today [PIMPZ]

[PIMPZ} Tournment

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RaginCajin1993 #1 Posted 24 July 2019 - 10:29 AM


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Hello everybody, how are yall doing?


I'm a recruitment officer of Pimpz: Ragincajin1993


We are a PS4 Tournament based clan looking for more people who might be interested in tournaments


We are an English speaking clan from people from a good portion of the world.


WIth the French community league, German community league and other leagues coming very soon we need to fill positions to be able to compete in these tournments for possible free rewards.

We need more people who can play Light tanks, Mediums tanks, heavy tanks and tank destroyers for these tournaments.


We are looking for people who:


1.) Solid WN8, with t his being said we are not specifically looking for Super Unicum players. We want players who can still shine into their full potential

2.) TEAM WORK IS A MUST. We are a tournament based clan, We win as a team or lose as a team. 

3.) We need dedication. We want people who are serious about being a tournament based player. If your not serious and wants to be more casual, we have an alternative clan called Pimp5 which you may join as well.

4.) Good communication is a must. a team must be able to communicate well at all times, even through the stressful and worse times.


With this being said, If you are interested in joining please message me here or contact my Psn: Ragincajin1993 or our commander: PSN: SuzywongUK 


If you want to join a group of awesome people and play Casual (we are looking for more tournament base players but we encourage casual), Just contact PSN: Ragincajin1993 


We will be looking at WN8 and asking you to join our parties before we invite you into the PIMPZ. this is how serious we are.


https://youtu.be/-Evo5WJ53L4 this video is proof on how serious we are. this clan we beaten were ranked number 3 with their WN8 combined as a clan

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