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Survival / Horde of Tanks

Firefight Tanks Waves Horde Mode Survival Modes

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BETA TYSON #1 Posted 28 July 2019 - 07:21 PM


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Right I've been thinking while playing Halo Warzone and Gears of War Horde Mode, why not can World of Tanks have a Multiplayer mode where everyone can start off with their own tanks from the garage onto a mode where you fight Tier III to X tanks after 10 waves of tanks respawning in different parts of the map with limited time. Once the player is dead he or she can't rejoin the game or start over over like the standard modes of the game itself. Using Co-operations and Platoons and tactics to know where the enemy is coming from and where they're going to strike. 

I Suggest that there can be only 2 types of games for this Multiplayer mode....

1. Horde Destruction - Your team against AI controlled vehicles against time, last tank standing etc.
2. Horde Assault - Your team captures and hold the Base while the AI's try to fight and retake it etc.

The game will start like any other match type with the time counting down and all you need is to survive and work together or getting yourself killed to make the match less interesting and more challenging. Due to the War Stories or Training Missions on World of Tanks the objection titled Hunt the E-100 inspired me to find, locate and destroy all tanks before defeating the boss level (the E-100) in any tier tank. So why not put a Survival mode on Multiplayer rather than updating the maps and tanks. Would this be something more exciting as the game chooses its own tier tanks against you and your team?

I feel like wanting to play against the Computer on Multiplayer with smart players against a very smart AI.

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Haukkis #2 Posted 28 July 2019 - 10:43 PM


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I like your idea.

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