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(113TH) Iron Viper Division is openly recruiting.

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StrokerNick #1 Posted 31 July 2019 - 03:18 PM


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113TH Iron Viper Division


The 113TH Iron Viper Division was founded in 2015 by myself (StrokerNIck) and UlisesDanger who has stood by this clan from day one.

Our numbers are dwindling due to inactivity and we are looking to displace those members with new active members looking to grow this clan and potentially span into multiple branch/sister clans. 


What are we looking for?

Quite honestly we need some recruiting superstars. I have open recruitment positions if you think you are the right fit.

Besides that we would hope that you have a tier 10 or relatively close. Although we do encourage everyone to reach out as there are case by case exceptions.


About Us

When it comes to playing tanks we all have preferences as to what we like to play most of the time. As for us I would say we almost never play anything under tier 5 so if you are looking to platoon in a category lower than that I wouldn't suggest us. We are heavily light playstyle as we enjoy supporting teams as much as possible to give the team the best advantage we possibly can offer but we don't mind playing other tanks or supporting our platoons with our light tanks. We are a relaxed playstyle so getting upset at a platoon member over a simple mistake wont be tolerated and has no place here. We all are playing tanks to relax and enjoy our time and aren't looking for additional stress of our already stressful lives.


What isn't permitted?

First and foremost this is a clan based on friendship developed over years of playing together so respect is at the forefront.

Joking around and teasing are very common in our party chats and everyone knows it. So thick skin is recommended.

We don't have any requirement on a need to play. We are just looking to grow our community and enable everyone to play with another clan member whenever they want.

From time to time we all need a break from the game and Ill be honest there have been times that I have stopped playing for months on end. Just check in here and there. We enjoy getting to know people and often times get invested into each others lives.

Last thing I will say on this note is that if you request for executive officer you will automatically be blocked as the position is permanently filled.


Interested In Joining?

If after all of this you are still interested in joining our clan then feel free to reach out to me on Xbox live at (StrokerNick). If I don't respond immediately be patient I will. Also if you're interested in the recruiting slot I highly encourage bringing along any +1s you have, surely I can't say no if you are already performing the role of a recruiter. Once again the best method of contact is via xbox as I don't spend a ton of time on the forums. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.

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