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WoWL is making me want to quit WG


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Bloodhound IV #1 Posted 12 August 2019 - 09:42 PM


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I’m done with Warships and I’m so mad I’m about done with WG in general so that I don’t pay them in any form. They have a campaign now to “WIN” the Tirpitz. And by win I mean an insane workload to win renown (their version of points). You need 2475 to finish the last level. They come in multiples of 25. There are 5 weeks to finish. The only way to get them is a weekly op and a campaign op. The weekly op is unbelievable. You must finish every week op and campaign. If you miss any you must pay real money to skip a level. There are 100 levels. Week op is sequential so only one at a time. So you have seven days to 1) win 3 battles. 2) earn 1750000 credits. 3) earn 12500 xp. 4) earn 2000 global xp(free xp). 5) earn 25000 xp. 6) win 3 battles. 7) cause 600000 damage. 8) get 8 capture ribbons. 9) cause 70000 fire damage. 10) 8 kills. 11) be in top 4 three times. 12) hit enemies 400 times. You have a WEEK to do this. You get 350 renown. You’ll get 1750 if you finish every week. The campaign will give you 850. Most won’t get that because some of them are very hard. BUT you can pay real money to skip levels. So you get to the end and the ship is yours right? WRONG!! You must then pay 2500 gold!!! This is WG at it’s worst. Quite frankly it’s disgusting. So I will not pay them anything else. Since WoT is also WG I’m about a hairs breath away from quitting it also. I know the reaction I’ll get but good lord that is crazy. Thanks for reading 

Hawk 206 #2 Posted 12 August 2019 - 09:55 PM

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eve if you don’t pay the 2500 doubloons you still get free stuff, they also had an op the last two weeks for a free premium ship, it wasn’t too hard to get. 

StockrA #3 Posted 12 August 2019 - 11:28 PM


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I still play the game, but not enough to do those missions, I normally play once a week to get the comander crate. I also think it's wrong charging for admin backing to get the ship.
I seen two tirpitz in game earlier btw


ATHFjman18 #4 Posted 13 August 2019 - 12:11 AM


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The whole model of the campaign is to frustrate the player into paying money to end the grind. Doesn’t really stop whales from buying out the Campaign Day-1 for $100 or those blowing who knows how much money to get crates just for “early access” to the German destroyers and battleships. LOL I think it’s stupid as hell, but also don’t care what others do with their money.


I got a couple of premium ships and some premium time. That’s enough for me. Don’t care if I get to the end of the Campaign or not. It’s just one ship...there’s plenty more ships to play. 

Kaboost #5 Posted 13 August 2019 - 01:00 AM


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Don’t forget about having to earn a crap ton of german coin things just to have access to the German Destroyer line. And that’s just to start a tier II. To literally start the line you either had to get lucky in loot or play a whole bunch just to get a chance to grind a line.

Lights tanks need rebalanced(again)

​Update 4.2 and 4.6 were terrible

SHREK T T #6 Posted 13 August 2019 - 05:19 AM


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I was looking forward to wow legends but forget the op! I thought if you buy prem on wot you get it on wowl as you cant play both at same time but no you have to buy on both pluss no forums for wowl only way to contact them was via discord and to top it of wowl never gave me the free stuff for being alpha tester so i deleted wowl as wot's has enough issues 
WG support say when you sell a tank your crew sell's with it be careful commanders

Sammael85 #7 Posted 13 August 2019 - 08:00 AM


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I only have three words for all this: OH MY LOL.

The future of gaming is here, fellas. :teethhappy:

Some might say i'm not constructive enough... Too bad i'm actually a deconstructivist

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Hear me ROAR!!!

Brass Drag0n #8 Posted 26 August 2019 - 12:21 PM


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I wanted to like WOWL, but I think once my premium time runs out - I'll never play it again.


Either I'm unspeakably bad at it or it is seriously unbalanced. I've watch shell after shell that I fire land either side of the enemies that are broadside on to me, only for the one shell they fire back to "citadel" me. RNG is just a joke in this game. I'll fire two broadsides at a battleship and do 1000 damage from 6 "hits", while one lot of return fire from the enemy does 10,000 damage in return. Lose three ships at the start of the game and you are done, don't think I've seen a single WOT style sudden reversal of fortunes. Five destroyers per side isn't uncommon and makes taking a battleship into a game as seriously painful experience and, oh boy, are they making the missions grindy. 


I really did want to like it - but I guess its not for me.

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