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Rated-R Recruiting for competitive and general players

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DedZepplin11 #1 Posted 14 August 2019 - 06:56 PM


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General Description

Rated-R is a great group of tankers that have been playing together for a long time now. We’ve made our ventures into the competitive arena a few times before, but never really had a grasp on what we were doing, and didn’t really have the man power to really compete. We’ve taken a few steps back, made some changes and now are starting to figure out what it takes to be a competitive team. We are not; a group of unicum players, or a group that will chew you out for missing a callout. We are not a clan that won’t give you a consideration because you lack the skill or the tanks, or a clan that will lead anyone on. What we are is a clan that understands the struggles of this game and have been beaten down in competitive play before, and have been improving ever since. This clan will be there to help you grind tanks, improve your WN8, and take your first steps into competitive play.

You can check out all of our stats here:



            Our stats aren’t that great. Maybe yours are great, maybe there not. But were not looking for great players, if we find them awesome. But this game, we have found, is all about teamwork, communication and trust. If you’re a tanker out there that knows they’re a good player and is looking for a team that is positive and works off of team play rather than damage, kills and WN8 we will be a great fit for you.


Training/Availability Requirements

We typically try to run one practice and one scrimmage a week. The more you can make the better but were not a clan to hold players at the stake for not showing up every week. LIFE HAPPENS, but you should want to show up and practice to improve as much as possible. If you cannot make every match we can find a place for you to make it when you can.


Minimum Requirements

Be able to use Discord

Have multiple tier X

Microphone enabled

Play on Xbox One

Minimum 1200 WN8 overall

Minimum 1500 WN8 for the past month

Since we are Rated-R, 18 and up







If you’re at all interested, shoot me a message on here or on xbox live at the same name


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