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Request Change the Price of Gold or Silver

Gold Money Costs Silver

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BETA TYSON #1 Posted 16 August 2019 - 09:36 PM


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Expensive Amount of Gold Should be at a Propper Cost
I respect the game and they worked to hard to create and keep the game running. As I paid and support World of Tanks everytime I buy a Premium Tank, add Camouflage, Equipment and Premium time. I keep thinking that I'm paying or buying way to much money for 25,000 less gold when I spend £69.99. That's a very ridiculous amount of money for Gold, I should be spending that huge amount of money for something higher than 25,000 Gold more like 55,000. Because it's like where does the £69.99 goes to I mean it goes directly towards the Support but to where else and should it be better buying something expensive like for example:- Pay £100 for 100,000 Gold or 100,000,000 Silver like that ain't bad as long the funds keep supporting World of Tanks. 

So I would like to request the change of amount of Gold from 25,000 to 55,000 or 50,000 Gold if not about 100,000,000 Silver?
I take it that the funds go towards the Help for Heroes Association and other charities. But it would be alot better for the players to buy what they want the most on this game, sure yes the Tanks and the Equipment, later comes the Camo and the Logos, the removal of equipment and refund when sold not a problem. It's just the amount of money spend for Gold is the problem it's too expensive for 25,000 Gold. The Gold needs to be higher over 30,000 or more....

I respect this game and I like to support it more every now and then.
Keep up the good work!


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