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World of Tanks Mercenaries: Chisel

mercenary tank chisel

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Gmorck #281 Posted Yesterday, 04:15 PM

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View PostArtorius SVH, on 17 October 2019 - 02:00 AM, said:

I encourage everyone. The Chisel tank is excellent. It deserves the effort!


pues personalmente empiezo a dudar si vale la pena... la cantidad de fallos con retícula cerrada me abruma...  y los rebotes locos ya ni te cuento...


S5 V8 #282 Posted Yesterday, 04:42 PM

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Completed the contract this morning.


As this was my first completion of a tier ten Mercenary Contract, my overall experience was very good. I attempted the Sharpshooter previously but could not complete the High Caliber with light tanks I see this requirement has been modified so I mat attempt this one next go around. The stages were well conceived and stage five had the right amount of difficulty to make it challenging and engaging.  Stage 8  was simply an XP grind but not insurmountable, it was enough cost to make the end goal have value.


I was able to complete the American Heavy Tank Tree and add a few tanks along journey,an M103 and T110E5 on the American tree, and the FV4202 and Action X for the Brits.


Picked up two tier eight premium tanks in the War Chests. Completed Hellcat 105. Completed the 10 OP's for the no charge 279e, made a boat load of silver.


The weekend bonus silver made playing tens profitable and I did not need to play eights to replenish the funds.


Started on  27 of August completed on the 18 October (53 days)

7 Days for Stages 1-5
7  Days for Stage 6

14 Days to complete Stage 7

25 days to complete Stage 8 with 11 eligible tanks


I am glad to have this done, but I am pleased with the challenge, the rewards and value. Well done War Gaming


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