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The Tier 5 Menace is finally getting Nerfed!


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FBPrime #21 Posted 24 August 2019 - 04:11 PM


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View PostKRISTOBAL_777, on 24 August 2019 - 09:41 AM, said:

All this nerf things, i feel bad about it, why dont you grind these fun players, enjoy and have some fun, so bad you take out the fun out of the Game, still want my skulls back on Hollenhund and Slapjack.!!!


I prefer the look of the tanks without the plastic decor skills.  Now if they can just manage to take the trash bags off of the Hollenhund...

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SandM9 #22 Posted 24 August 2019 - 04:20 PM


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Awesome, just got this tank recently. Utterly underwhelmed by the mobility. Gun o.k.  and armor is meh.  So, yea makes total sense to nerf a tank that's not that great and barely anyone plays. GJ WG way to have your priorities in order.

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SkillfulTurtl3 #23 Posted 24 August 2019 - 04:22 PM


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Roundabout and Centrifuge have been a couple of the tanks I have been playing regularly of late. Although Roundabout gun is (was) good, this was balanced by the poor gun elevation (unless on a flat map).



Looks like I will now have to play the V/IV and Abso more now.....  is this what you wanted WG ?

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