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World of Tanks Mercenaries Commander Mode! - Feedback!

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BigZoomBear #101 Posted 22 September 2019 - 07:47 PM


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View PostSPUK4U, on 17 September 2019 - 04:00 PM, said:

I tried this commander mode a bit with my own tanks, but it just was not fun as multiplayer so I lost interest to it quite fast.



  • You can use your own tanks
  • Basic controls tips were visible and easy to find
  • Basic controls were easy to use
  • Battle balance seemed to favor tankers when commander just rolled whole team into cap.
  • Battles were more interesting when playing Tanker
  • Map were good for the game mode



  • Spaws were constantly same, game started to repeat it self and get predictable.
  • Commander setup takes time if you use your own tanks
  • Playing as Commander was less profitable than Playing as Tanker
  • Renting tanks was expensive and tank selection was too limited to be interesting
  • No possibility to start quick Commander battle with random free tanks to learn controls
  • Bot's don't have any sense of self preservation nor did they understand that enemy was capping the circle close to them.
  • Commander did not have option to use arty
  • Command wheel did not work when commander possessed a tank


What I would improve as first priority is the bot AI. I would add more freedom to them depending how many skills the tank crew has.  Secondly, I would add use of Communication wheel and give ability to command bots just like bots in War Stories. This use of command wheel would give commander a possibility to participate in the battle and keep some level of troop command.  Third change would be the reward system, It needs to be profitable for player to run his own tanks without stripping them down first.   Finally, I would evaluate possibility to run commander mode also in tier IV so that new players would get a change to participate with their own tanks. (not in tier III or V due to some OP tanks ).


Excellent feedback. I particularly agree with the Communication wheel idea, it's really needed when you want to possess a single tank.


I'd like to know how much effect that equipment and crew skills have on the bot tanks.

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jonesofcolorado #102 Posted 27 September 2019 - 10:37 PM

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  • Loved the enhancements!
  • Loved being able to rent some premium tanks. Sort of helps you "try before you buy" on some premiums which is something I've always wanted to do instead of blindly buying a premium tank hoping that you like it
  • Loved the new formations and d-pad buttons to select tanks in a specific class



  • Would love to see this as a permanent game-play option
  • Would love a way to get platoons in it so you can play with your friends in both commander and tanker modes. With each other or against each other.
  • You don't earn Tank XP, give 1/7th the XP on each tank in your platoon when you are commander so it's like you earn XP on a single multi-player battle. Also give XP for the tank you play when you are tanker.
  • Provide a schedule of the upcoming events? Wondering when the next one will be?
  • Commander mode Ops seemed way harder than tanker Ops. Commander seemed harder in general.
  • Allow for some of the tanker play to count toward the regular multi-player campaign
  • When you rent a tank you can use it more than once, but if you own the tank you can't. This needs to behave the same.

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