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Regarding the last and the future Ranked Battles

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Merun #1 Posted 02 October 2019 - 06:11 PM


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Hello WG,

probably I am just unlucky, but the restrictions and requirements of the Chisel contract and the Ranked Battles are "biting me in the butt"(translated german phrase).


Last ranked battles, I couldn't participate, because I was busy grinding the contract stages 1 to 6 and didn't have a tier X for it to use in Ranked Battles. This time, I could use a tank for the contract in next ranked battles, BUT I am at stage 7. That means, I must use a tier IX or X tank and what do I need for ranked? Tier VIII, I could have used in the previous stages.


I am not ranting, I just wanted to inform you and point out, that I am very likely not the only one.



On the other hand, I like switching the tiers in Ranked Battles, but I would LOVE to see Ranked Battles for lower tiers too. Like tier V or even tier I. The low tiers have interesting tanks too, but I can just seal club there. I don't want to do that, I want to have competitive battles in all tiers.


Also it would be nice, if Ranked Battles would get own statistics. So I can see, which tank I used most during all the ranked battles(if not possible for the past statistics, than for the future ones) and so on.



Thank you for reading.


Your Merun

Merun, official smartass of clan [FRONT]


Just a german guy who loves to play weird tanks.

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LUCAS BARR #2 Posted 02 October 2019 - 06:40 PM

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make ranked battle points all individual stats,if you play well,move up,take win and loss out of it.too many bad teams drag down great players like me.

mark111966 #3 Posted 02 October 2019 - 07:09 PM


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I agree. There should be a 'Ranked Battle' for each tier, one through ten. Let players choose which tier they want to participate in when they choose the mode, and that is the only tier they can participate in for that season. Offer rewards based on tier, giving the best rewards for tier 10 play as that should promote players with t10 tanks to participate there. But, by having ranked for each tier, it allows even brand new players to the game the ability to participate and possibly earn some extra goodies as well. I've been advocating to friends since year one that I felt Ranked should be with all tiers. 

I also would like to see Ranked mode be made as a permanent ongoing mode, resetting monthly. Meaning all battles played, 'ranks' the player. Stats totals are recorded for the month, and the rewards are given based on where the player places on that tiers list. 

Example: A player plays 200 battles throughout the month with tier 10's. The overall results, including win rate, average damage per match, etc., can be used to place or 'rank' players for that month. At the end of each month, the results are tallied and players can be rewarded based on their overall performance, but everyone gets something. 

Rewards can be like this: 

1-25: Best prize

26-100: Second best prize.

101-250: Third best.

251-1000: Fourth.

Etc., etc.

It can be adjusted however, but I think you should get the idea. I believe a setup like this allows everyone play, no matter what tiers they are playing, can feel as though they can and in fact are participating in something more grand than just grindind for the next tank in the line. It also rewards players for playing the game. I understand the idea of rewarding skill, but those who are so good and can log in for only a minimal amount of effort and time once a month and get the top prizes, and then not even play the rest of the month is really unfair to the rest of the community that plays on a regular basis. I've had a couple friends on my own list who log in and play once a month at ranked time, play half a day or so, and get grandmaster league, then login following Monday to claim reward, then quit until the next ranked. Being good does deserve to be recognized and rewarded, but, doesn't in and of itself promote the game or help it to get better, imho. Anyway, thanks for reading, and see ya all on the battlefield or in the funnies.

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