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possible hit model bugs - double header edition

no reg is-3 amx 50 100

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Destraag-x #1 Posted 05 October 2019 - 05:29 AM


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In back to back ranked games I've seen NRs tonight.


First up is the AMX 50 100 


https://xboxclips.co...ce-6709b6cc48f1 - player view 

https://xboxclips.co...3d-50e6753188ab - replay view (note the final view shows the round embedded in the turret roof of the amx 50 100)


On the AMX 50 100 turret we may be talking about poor alignment of the hit model with the graphics model here. It's hard for me to be sure. However the next one is much more blatant.


Next up we have the infamous NR champ the IS-3 at it again 




Note that you can see the round itself before it passes through, after it passes through, and you can see the tracer through the vents in the interior of the IS-3 hull. The bulk of this video is 3-4 tenths of a second worth of game play from the replay. So remember this is what happened from the host server's perspective.


*EDIT* last night turned into a hat trick with the skorpion G



I've never seen this issue at such a high frequency.


Not sure if the degradation is related to 


  • Server degradation
  • Changes to collision code
    • seems unlikely but who knows what snuck in the past few updates/resets
  • the rounds coming out of the Captured king tiger which was used in all the vids I have posted in this thread.
  • the higher rof creating more opportunities for failures.  
  • the problem has always been there and I've just become more sensitive to actually checking questionable misses from the replay. 
    • I don't think its this one as I've historically checked frequently. 


I really can't say for sure. 


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