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Awesome SU-100y

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Waka-Waka-Waka-W #1 Posted 06 October 2019 - 03:25 PM


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 There  I was in komarin in tier 7 lobby .

   8 of my teammates ran left 2 ran to the middle an other teammates ran right , I figured with my fantastic camo rating with camo perk camo net an perm camo that took my detection circle from 500 to 480 I'd use this to my advantage .

 I ran as far from the enemy at a blinding flash speed of 14kph  an hugged the boarder waiting for my perfect shot an the only 1 I would get off before getting killed because of my 30 minute  reload.   

   So there I sat , my left flank teammates dying on average 1 every 40 secs , my teammates in the center faired better it took 2 minutes  for both of them to die., the 4 tanks in me died even faster then the left flank they all were dead in a matter of 2 minutes.  The sole tank left alive besides me was another td 

    I sat patiently for a tank to come over the ridge I was set up to defend first it was a light slightly to my left an autoloader , he put 3 rounds into the last med we had on our team I quick turned to the left there he is I'm waiting for my barrel to catch up to my tracks , he's less then 100 meters from me ,why isn't he attack me I am spotted he 's just sitting there I'm begging my su to turn , he still hasn't fired maybe he lost connection  the barrel finally lives up he fires i fre its 300 dmg he's dead.

  I figured out why he didn't move he was reloading he was able to reload before my tank turned the 15 degrees need to fire. 

   Good he's dead my detection wears of, so I sit perfectly still again , out poos a 131 i,m sitting still he's little over 150 meters from me coming at me but he turns an is now running sideways in front of me he's chasing the only tank alive besides me on the team the last td that broke cover to runaway from the 131 so he could run from cover and straight into the enemy tanks that were closing in from center an left flank. 

  I wait the 131 is now dead in front of me perfect side shot I fired my ap round dead into his side.

   PLINK it bounced  the tiger puts a few rounds into the read of the running td , Jill's him, all I need is another 20 minutes  to reload an a I get another shot off .

  He turns put 4 rounds into while he's running at me , I am loaded now he is so close his exhaust forms are checking me gotta be 20 meters I go to pull the trigger .


He vanished an i musta vanished from him to because he is not firing i look up 5 bars all green ,  blame there he is no more the 5 meters in front he fires an pens , I'm still trying to figure out how he penned me that close when my 20 mm thick straight vertical armor should have bounced those rounds , I fire his lower plate take the engine  out  is what I'm telling myself  .

  Plink  yet another round bounced  on the lower plate . 

  So I got up got me a cup of coffee an a cig while the 131 rear  humped me till I was dead

because he was russian player that no one was allowed to pen.



The End

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