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Hints for Commander Mode and its ops

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fnurke #1 Posted 12 October 2019 - 11:05 PM


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So, since I'm 5 points from this events max, and since some people seem to have trouble to finish it, I thought I'd give a few hints.


First, you can find some of the ops here.


You can win 2 premium tanks, the FV 4202 (or something like that) by getting 125k XP playing tanker or commander before tuesday (or maybe not, see page 5 of the thread linked above as there are various interpretations of what Raibot says) and a yet unknown tier VIII by getting 250k XP and 500 points over the 6 events (this is the second). That's 50k XP and 100 points on average if you missed the first event or 42k XP/84 points if you play all 6. Knowing that over the two first events you could have won 275 points, and since we can't see event ops anywhere, I'd say you can win around 100 points from event ops and then some more from the progression ops (180 + what seems to be a infinite op for 5 points per 5k XP), so it would probably take a lot of work but you can (probably) in theory complete the ops even if you skipped all events but the last.


To get more XP you can use premium tanks in tanker mode and premium time in both modes as premium tanks and premium time XP Bonuses are both taken into account for the XP based ops. So if you have black tanks, that's +70% every tanker game.


To get points, you need to complete ops, some playing tanker, some playing commander, some for both. Commander missions are really easy, as they need you to just play a number of games or to get a number of wins, so even if you hate playing as commander, you should at least play this mode enough to get these points.


Tanker mode : you play with randoms against a commander. IMHO it is better to play tanks with either great frontal armour (Chrysler K, VK 100.01, T28 Prot., Lowe, ...) or great mobility (lights or medium and some TDs) because the AI doesn't really aim for weak points, and it's better to engage from a distance (even better if you're not spotted) and flank as much as possible. On Ruinberg, you usually can't do that so try to come from multiple points so you can flank and the heavies should avoid being flanked as much as possible.

Also, arty is not a good idea as the firing rate is too slow.

Note that the AI is the same as proving ground so commanders' tanks can get stuck behind tankers wrecks or tanks.

You can get more XP in this mode but depending on the tank you're using, you can lose silver.


Commander mode : you play with 9 tanks against 6 tankers or another commander. I'd personally suggest heavies with decent mobility (like the Chrysler K or the IS 3), mediums with good armour (like the Centennial and the Pershing) and turreted TDs (you don't have much choice but the Skorpion G is great, but a bit too fast). Turreted TDs are better against tankers, but the Audace and even better the Chinese WZ something are extremely good for static defence and against commanders, so it depends how you play. Lights are also an option to scout ahead and harass commanders' tanks but know that while you're running around your other tanks could do stupid things.

The easiest way to play this mode is to play as a horde, you only need two keys for this : R1/RB to select everything on the screen, then square/the left button (X?) to move somewhere (and hold that button to chose the direction they will be facing) then against tankers, try to swarm the heavy armoured tanks to flank them without getting flanked if possible, against commanders it's more complicated but try to keep the enemy to the front and do not move too much under fire. You can see examples in the video below that shows a few of my first games when I knew very little about the controls.

The AI will sometimes get stuck behind obstacles as mentioned before, so possess the tank quickly to move around it because stragglers tend to die fast.

Battles tend to last around 5 minutes and you have more control over the duration as commander, so even though you make less XP for each victory (I think it's less than 1k XP with premium, when you can do way more as a tanker, especially with a black tank), you might end up with more XP per hour playing this mode, so try both and see what's best for you. Also, unless you shoot prammo, you'll consistently gain silver.

There are many tactics you can use, like hammer (capping heavies and TDs in the back) + anvil (flanking mediums), so you don't have to play the horde every time.

Also don't cap with the horde when there's more than 1 or 2 reds left, because the cap is a killzone on every map.


So I hope I haven't made mistakes in what I've written, don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong, but anyway, I strongly suggest you play both modes, if only for the points, and that way you'll know which one works the best for you. Also, you get 7 days of premium at 75 and 150 points (total) so this can help a lot to get the XP you need.


Here's a video with 3 games in commander mode using the horde in the first event (I had just started playing as commander so you can see I have sometimes troubles selecting my tanks).



Edit: A few typos, an error on the total number of points you can earn (275 not 260) and doubts about the fact you can only win the FV this week.



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