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New War Story Tutorial Map

War Stories tutorial new map new players

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Highlordwurm #1 Posted 28 October 2019 - 06:29 PM

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There is lots of talk about new player retention, seal clubbing and this game’s learning curve, I thought I would make a suggestion for WG to help new players with all the things going on in a match.  When I first started I figured some tanks, literally, had cloaking devices “how can they keep hitting me, and I can’t even see them!?  I thought shooting revealed tanks!  This game SUCKS!!!”   I had no idea what was going on, I thought it was like any other shooter, just with tanks.  WG has made some good effort to help teach players the basics and this forum is great, but not all players read forums for new games they are learning.   On some level I think the discovery is half the fun, but for people who like to know what is going on in their competitive games I propose the following:  A new tutorial map for WS or Training Grounds.
Firstly, you have to imagine little pill boxes.  They would be ‘U’ shaped, with a gun and weak spots inside, so they could only be engaged from one direction and only penned in their weak spots-which is nowhere close to where you auto-lock on the pillbox. 
I am imagining a tutorial map that could teach all the intermediate skills, like armor angling/side scraping, hull down, double bushing, maybe even tracking, etc.  So, the map would be broken down into distinct areas that you would have to proceed through and only could when you get a basic grasp on each skill-at least enough to finally understand what the h*ll side scraping means!  Maybe this should be WS with a particular tank, to be sure of the proper results.  First, would be angling.  So, the pill boxes can be defeated by just sitting in front of them and trading shots, but, you won’t complete the map like that, you have to conserve your HP by…well, doing what you’re told.  The first box will have to face head on and it will have enough pen to go through your flat upper plate, but not once angled properly, and it will always aim upper plate.  Second would be a pill box at the ‘top’ of a cross, the player comes at it from the side and has to proceed to the ‘bottom’ of the cross, but this gun will tear you up if you don’t side scrape-same thing here, easy pen, unless you nail that side scrape!  Once you get down that road you are on a bushy cliff, overlooking some opponents, there are too many to just brawl, so, you will have to learn the mechanics of bushes, but there is only one place to double bush and that is what the scenario requires, else you are spotted and torn up (no hard cover here).  Finally, you come down from the cliff and there is your last pillbox.  This one, like the rest, will tear you up if you just charge it, but there is a nice hull down position to occupy!  While this is going on you have a voice over ordering you about ‘use those bushes to avoid detection!’ or, ‘get hull down!’ at appropriate moments.  Maybe throw in some objectives that teach which wheel to hit to track (I heard it is the sprocketed wheel, but that is only hearsay), something that explains the consequences of hitting equipment (lit on fire for hitting a damaged fuel tank or engine, losing your head when ammo racked twice, etc.) And, of course, equipment, consumables and premium rounds: when to use ‘em and how to make it cost effective.  The tank may have camo net and binocs equipped and the bush scenario would be the place to engage them. 
I had heard of these mysteries called ‘side scraping,’ and ‘angeling’ before and even watched videos where the techniques were supposedly used, but it wasn’t until the first round ricocheted off the side of my light while reversing parallel to a corner that I had my Aha! moment.  You can watch videos and read forums all day, but, doing is where you learn.
If any one has any suggestions for other little scenarios and what skills they could teach, feel free to add your suggestions below.
 P.S. My font is Awesome!  I have no regrets!


Haukkis #2 Posted 28 October 2019 - 08:51 PM


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Great idea :) They should really have done proper tutorial years ago, now it seems that over 70% playerbase is clueless about how some of the game mechanics work, even veterans that have over 10k battles seems clueless. The thing is, majority of players won't ever visit this forum or Wargaming's website or watch any World of Tanks videos from YouTube, they don't bother, they just want to play. If we had proper tutorial things might change for the better and new players would stick instead of leaving after few games when they get killed by invisible enemies (one of my friend actually though when all enemies suddenly disappeared that it was colossal lag spike... he didn't understand it was part of the core game mechanics).

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