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STI aim time buff!

STI Russian Heavy Bad Aimtime Buff Terrible Worst Tier 9 T9

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BUCKWHEAT l #1 Posted 06 November 2019 - 05:24 AM


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Hello, I am asking for someone to look into possible buff for ST-I. 


Mainly the aim time of the gun.

Below I am going to list the same Russian tanks with the same gun and the aim time.

ST-I.- 3.40

T10- 2.80

Obj257- 2.90

IS4- 2.90


Now I will list tier nine heavy tanks with a higher caliber that have a faster aim time than the STI


E75- 2.90 --- .50 faster

Mauschen- 2.30 --- 1.10 faster

Vk B- 2.90 ---.50 faster 

Obj705- 3.20 --- .20 faster

Amx m4 51- 2.30 --- 1.10 faster

Wz11114- 2.90---.50 faster

TYPE 4 HEavy- 2.30/2.90/3.20//  all of them FASTER

50tp- 3.20 --- .20 faster


Wow would you look at that that's ALL of them!



Now there's something wrong if the type 4 has a faster aim time with a much higher caliber gun.  


Last I checked the STI didn't have a DERP gun but it plays like one. Trading is nearly impossible with this tank cause you sit there aiming while every other tank has aimed and shot by then the STI is 2.50 seconds aimed and they pull away and you miss cause your only half way aimed in. 


Buff the STI to 3.20 that way it can at least have the same aim time as the TYPE 4 HEAVY WITH A DERP GUN. 


Better yet give it the same aim time of that 2.90 way it is at least On par with the rest of the tier 9 heavies


705 has a 130 mm gun and has less aim time

Wz11111111111 has 130mm, has less aim time 


Ok all the 152 155 what ever super mega gun calibers there are that for some reason somehow have faster aim times than the 122 on the STI.


The E100 

Jpanzer E100 

Type 5 


Sheridan derp gun

T49 derp gun



Wtauf4 with 15cm


The deathstar is the only other tank that has an sometime of 3.40 and that is with a 183 mm cannon. 


Looking at all the numbers the STI has the SLOWEST aim time of every tier 9 tank in the game. It has a slower sometime than the mega calibers, 152, 14cm, 15cm, 183, 17cm. For some reason. 


Give the STI 2.90 aim time. 



Pontiac Pat #2 Posted 06 November 2019 - 07:25 AM


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I actually agree that both the ST-I and the IS-4 could use about 10% knocked off their aim times.

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