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Clans - Is anything planned for 2020

Clans Improvements 2020

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DaffierPear6 #1 Posted 08 January 2020 - 11:50 PM

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Hello Rai, Max & All,


Early last year I asked the question "Was there anything coming to the game for Clans?", and received a response from Rai stating "Something BIG was coming!".


What was it?  I don't remember anything special or new for Clans in game in 2019.


Sure, we had Global Map but this was an initiative of a couple of staff from the Russian office and caters to the Top Clans in Russia & Europe (and to a lesser extent the US),


 The Clan Battles idea is great, as long as you are in either the Russian/Euro or US timezones, but what about all the smaller Clans in other parts of the world, or those that aren't big enough to participate in Global Map?


My guys in 1CAB have consistently asked "What point is there to being in a Clan, except to identify your friends in game.  When will WG offer some reward for Clan involvement in game?"


As most of the old timers (Yes Pontiac Pat, that includes you) would know, I have posted on here quite often with ideas to improve the Clan experience and have had numerous conversations with RaiBOT, Max & TankOz (Hector) and others at WGCB (and I'd like to thank them all for listening), and have been told numerous times that WG is looking to improve the experience for Clans in game.  But alas to date nothing has materialised and this is very disheartening.


I am now seeing less and less people in Clans in game and rarely see members from some of the original Clans (including VGC, OFF, 7F, HATR3D, ANZUS, and yes even 47R).


WG, please tell us that Clans will be a 'priority' for the game in 2020!!


Have a frank discussion with your active Clans to hear what they want/need to stay with the game.  Give us a roadmap of what can be worked on and work with YOUR Community to make the game better and drive collaborative/team play.


Stop paying 'lip service' to those in Clans and start seeing them as an asset to the game.  Most of the original Clans senior personnel have been involved, or still are, in Supertest and understand the constraints upon WG staff and their time.


Make Clans a priority, work with your Clans and give us a reason to build our Clans and Friends in game!!  

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