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LAG - it's becomming unplayable

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choppermeir #41 Posted 30 May 2020 - 09:43 AM


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View PostMaxChaos24, on 29 May 2020 - 10:47 AM, said:


Hello, how one game works is not an indication for other games as they all take different routes and are at different locations in the world.


I.E. On the route to your local grocery store there could be construction along your route so you experience a delay. However, the route to your parent's house has no construction as you take different roads to get there. The internet is the same way. You can't compare your connection from one game to the next. :honoring: 


Players use the term, it's your ISP, however that's not the correct word to use. Lag is usually down to the players connection which refers to the entire path from their Console to their server. There is all kinds of stuff that can happen to your packets along the way, not just at the local ISP level. :great:


Could we get a live packet loss and ping indicator added to the UI please. Rather than the rudimentary "bars" we have now. 

Having better information on screen would drastically help us the players and support understand what's going on when we're playing and when submitting videos. 

If that information was available in the top left of the screen things like ghost shells and disappearing rounds would be easier to understand when it happens to us, of I have a shell fly through a light tank or have a huge lag spike I could look in the top corner and see "holy crap my ping is 300ms and I've got a packet loss of 125%" it would certainly visually explain what's happening.  

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TulpeFracht26 #42 Posted 30 May 2020 - 10:26 AM


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I've been doing the same for 3 days.
I get into the fight and the game is already underway.
Ocer a highlight yesterday. I fly in after the start of the round log out and there are 5 red ones in front of me.
I was allowed to fire 1 shot how nice ..

DanL1234567890 #43 Posted 31 May 2020 - 03:23 PM


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Well,  thanks everybody for your input here. It’s a while since I came on forum and was surprised by the number of responses. Seems this is a passionate subject for many. 

since I last wrote, I’ve been trying:

1 an original-release PS4 wired connection to my isp providers router

2 an PS4 pro on WiFi - as per the original described issue


Things I noticed:

a. Experience of dropping-out signal bars was very similar over the last week, with wired signal on old PS4 being only slightly better. Something has obviously changed as previously, WiFi was unbearable. Today, wired connection drops to 3out5 (yellow) Signal strength every now and then, WiFi ever so slightly worse. Play experience very similar*, except for the next point...

* gun fires when I press the trigger, tank drives where I point when I point.


b. Bizarrely, the old PS4 wired internet game experience was bad in another way. The screen updates are very choppy. Even when I have consistent green bars, slowly turning the turret results in jumps in position, not smooth rotation. This is a big issue when trying to target a weak point. Combine that with signal drops from ‘a’ and it is again unplayable - at least to my expectations (which are built on past experience).


So, in summary, something has changed; signal has got better (according to bar reported on screen & lag seems less, by experience) whether it be wired or WiFi, but there is still jumpiness in my older PS4 system.


Please note, I’m happy to make a bug report / ticket but think it’s better to record the experiences 1st so I can later link straight to them. 

ps. Someone above mentioned my signal was very poor, and someone else said this is very game dependent. What is the requirement for this game?

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