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Bull Monkey 71 #1 Posted 10 June 2020 - 01:58 PM


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Somewhere down the line, as WG looks for ways to "freshen up" the game and add new features, I think it would be amazing if they worked with the community to enhance the competition scene. What I mean by this is right now for team comp play the community is using tools not specifically designed for comp play, which is to say the Team Training rooms. What if we made it where team training rooms were specifically more for actual training and competition rooms were for actual competition?


A couple of ideas to throw out for each - 

Competition Room:

  1. Auto-flip sides - No more scrolling through all the individual players to switch sides in the lobby.
  2. Ability to reassign room host - a very small thing, but one that would be helpful in instances, especially with inexperienced teams.
  3. Ability for the community to capture stats in a similar fashion as wotinfo (for example) - Bragging rights are great in pubs; they'd be great in comp as well. Also, for a game somewhat heavily tied into its numbers, comp play stats would be great as a tool. Call it analytics if you will. 
  4. Enhanced spectator options (admittedly I am not sure what this looks like but I am sure people have ideas)

Team Training Room:

  1. Ability to enter a map as a single team/side. Having 1 red doesn't really serve a purpose if you're just trying to go over tank positions on a map.
  2. Ability for the host to just end and return to garage instead of a "victory" condition.
  3. Ability to load dummy tanks/bots for target practice - look, I realize there are monetary reasons WG wouldn't want to do this so maybe charge a nominal amount per tank loaded up whether it be silver or gold. And this would be different than proving grounds in that you would choose specifically what tanks you want to face that maybe you are having trouble with. 


I am sure the community would have a lot more to say about this, and I am hoping this is a conversation starter. I have always been a strong proponent of the competition scene as I think it gives the game some more life beyond pubs. With cross platform on the way I think this could help boost the game overall.

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