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Skills / Perks / Equipment / Premium Consumables (Do they stack?)

Skills Perks Equipment Consumables Stack

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Ruptured Psyche-x #1 Posted 13 July 2020 - 06:26 PM


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This may have been answered elsewhere but I'm having no luck finding it.


For this example, I am looking at maximum view range.  This value is explicitly calculated in the PC version for the user to see.  Not so for us console users.


I have a Vengeance that has a maximum 390m view range on the turret.  I know I won't be able to see every tank at whatever the maximum view range is because of factors like camouflage rating, movement, bushes, etc.


Here are my questions / assumptions :

  • Base Tank Attributes
    • On this tank, the base Spotting, without a crew, is 84 so I am assuming that the maximum view range is 327m (390 x .84).
    • If the Spotting Attribute of the tank, by whatever means, increases to 100, I again assume the maximum view range is now 390m (390 x 1.00).


I have no idea how these bonuses are calculated so I'm going to use the bare minimum using simple addition with rounding down & no stacking.


Now let's say I add more equipment, a crew and a premium consumable to the tank.  I added Coated Optics to the tank.  The Spotting Attribute is now at 100.  I am now assuming with the maximum view range is 390m and is the base value to which all my bonuses are applied.

  • Equipment
    • Coated Optics - offers a 10% bonus to view range, so a bonus of 39m.  The maximum view range is now 429m.
    • Improved Ventilation Class 2 - offers a 5% bonus to all crew skills / tank attributes, so a bonus of 19m.  The maximum view range is now 448m.
  • Skills & Perks
    • Brothers In Arms - offers a 5% bonus to all crew skills / tank attributes, so a bonus of 19m.  The maximum view range is now 467m.
    • Recon - increases the maximum view range by 2%, so a bonus of 7m.  The maximum view range is now 474m.
    • Situational Awareness - extends view range by 3%, so a bonus of 11m.  The maximum view range is now 485m.
  • Premium Consumables
    • Case of Cola - offers a 10% bonus to all crew skills / tank attributes over the course of one battle, so a bonus of 39m.  The maximum view range is 524m.


According to these calculations, I am assuming the maximum view range is at least 524m.


Am I correct in this assumption?  If not, are different bonuses stacked (ex. Recon is applied after all other bonuses are tallied) thereby possibly raising the maximum view range beyond my 524m?  On the other hand does the game max out the view range at a flat 500m?


Any assistance / insight would be greatly appreciated.



KeIIenn-x #2 Posted 13 July 2020 - 07:22 PM


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It does stack. The view range of your tank may exceed 445 meters, but you will not be able to spot anyone farther away than that. The extra view range counters the camouflage rating of the enemy vehicles.

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HeviMetalHamstr-x #3 Posted 14 July 2020 - 11:30 AM


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Wotinfo.net has a cammo & view range calculator. You can use it to see the effects of skills & equipment as well as how well your cammo works. etc

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Highlordwurm-x #4 Posted 14 July 2020 - 07:47 PM

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You can get some ridiculous stats if you tweak and min/max, think of WOT as a table top RPG, its all about maxing out your stats and then getting into a fight and watching it all fall apart as the 'dice' betray you!  There are MANY not-soohidden stats in this game that will keep you wondering, camo/spotting and armor/penetration (angling your armor) are probably the most important.  You are probably in the best place for that info, start trolling old posts for info...try and watch dates, things change with updates, but armor/pen and camo not so much.  If you are liking Tank Destroyers or Lights, concentrate on camo, if you like Mediums or Heavies, look into armor angling and side scraping...and weak spots.

And as to your actual question, Kellenn said it perfect.

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