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How to Report a Bug

Bugs 5.0

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HeviMetalHamstr-x #1 Posted 22 July 2020 - 01:35 PM

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With as big an update as 5.0 there's bound to be quite a few issues & teething troubles. 

The best way to get these fixed is to report them to the developers as a bug rather than buried in forum post.



At the risk of teaching some of you to suck eggs or of repeating something already given elsewhere.


The link for reporting bugs is here:




It helps developers if you can provide as much detail as possible:


1) Title: Give your bug a quick title like "Repair wheel selecting wrong repair"

2) Steps to Reproduce/What Happened: Provide a step by step guide to reproduce the problem so they can pin point it. If it was a "one off" in game issue, try to tell the story of what happened. Include as much info as you can e.g. ammo type, your tank, their tank, any noises etc.

3) Screenshots/Videos: If you can include picture/videos it'll really help.

4) Severity: Does the bug stop you playing? Are you losing real world money? Is performance impacted?

5) Frequency: Does this happen every time? Once per game? etc

6) Reproducibiltiy: Does it always happen under these circumstances, or is it intermittent?

7) Date & Time: When did the problem occur?  (maybe there's a prob that only occurs when the server is busy)


8) Save the ranting for the forum. The bugs need to be clear & factual so that the devs can make sense of them.




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Tizni79-x #2 Posted 22 July 2020 - 05:26 PM

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This needs pinned to the top with all the bugs in the game now

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