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Developer Suggestion(s)

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BennyBenBen007-p #1 Posted 18 October 2020 - 03:26 PM


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First off - the collision code should be corrected on some of the maps with regards to trees. The tanks are not even close to a tree in passing and it will fall down. When trying to avoid detection and now with the true vision thing going...this is a big deal. When I say not even close - I am saying your tank will be at least 10 feet (in relation to game) away from tree as you pass it and it falls down. 

Secondly - how is it that on avg a tier X tank destroyer will do 800 pts damage on an enemy TD/Hvy/Med tank but less than 600 pts dmg on a light tank? This is dead on, front facing to front facing. Not even gonna discuss the 100% pen rate on the light tanks REGARDLESS of where they are on the map and where they hit your tank....as it stands, a PLT of (3) light tanks (especially if they are premium) can run through (wolf pack) almost the entire enemy team despite being hit from multiple tanks because apparently that little armor and small tank can take more damage than the German E 100 Hvy tank....while doing over 200 dmg each shot regardless of where they are shooting that enemy tank.... 

Granted many of the numbers I am pushing out here are on avg and best guess because I really do not keep details like that on paper or anything...but the collision script is noticeable and the light tank issue(s) is very frustrating...

Thank you for your time on this post.

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