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(RESOLVED) Earnt MOE are not showing on your console website.

Missing MOE MOE MOE wont display Broken game is broken Where are my MOE

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WarOnTour-x #1 Posted 23 February 2021 - 10:38 AM


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This has been going on for ages and I'm sick of being fobbed off.


There was an update several months ago, I think it was 5.0, where players database info got "lost" by Wargaming during said update. This meant that earnt MOE did not show up on the players profile when searched. Mine is here. For example, I've 3 marked all of the tier 5 lights except the Stubbs but unless I buy them back and play them, they simply do not show up.


I had a look yesterday and I had 106 tanks that I've sold but the MOE that I earnt on them, ranging from 1 to 3 marks, is not there. I actually bought 2 back last night so now it's 104. But, why should I buy 104 tanks back, including premiums, just because of WGCB's mistake? And how much would that cost? Also, if I kit them out properly, play them once, than sell the kit I'm taking a 750,000 loss with the brilliant logic of the 6.0 update. I've got loads of tanks that I still own that I'd have to equip and take a 750,000 loss as well.


So, follow my simple maths. 170 x 750,000 = 127,500,000 silver. Rough cost of buying back 104 tanks including premiums and 4 tier 10's = 180,000,000 silver.


So, WGCH, in all seriousness, please either fix my missing MOE display post haste or give me 300,000,000+ silver and I'll do it myself buy buying back the tanks from the tech tree and via reinstatement support tickets. Or, re-instate 104 tanks (I'll list them for you) and give me 127,500,000 silver to cover the cost of losing 750,000 after selling 3 bits of equipment after I've played each of them. But, please, don't fob me off with the "we're aware of the issue and will fix it one day" nonsense that I've heard for nearly a year or that "you're busy doing other things" as Max told me.




I've submitted a ticket but have only been answered by a few of the Random English Name bots, I don't think a human has actually seen it yet. One of the standard bot replies suggested I post here, so I have.


2nd EDIT: Resolved, thank you.

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