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Jewish Monarch-x #1 Posted 08 April 2021 - 02:40 AM


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Alright mates, good day to you.
My name is Jewish Monarch, I play WoT on the Xbox server and if you haven't already deduced, I'm here to recruit for my clan, The Crude Dudes [DOODS]. We're a small clan and we don't as of yet play competitive so if that was your aim then sorry for wasting your time. More to the point, if you're looking for a clan that is casual, doesn't play competitive and is relatively laid back where you can say ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING about ANYONE, yes that include me. Feel to stop on by and give us a try!

We don't care what you say in party chat, just don't grief party members too much, we're here to be your friends not be your emotional dumping pit. As for requirements for joining they are as follows;

- You must speak English on a conversational level.
- You must be willing to flame and be flamed.
- Have fun and ask help should you need it.

That's it, Tier tanks you have?
...Don't care.
How often you play?
...Don't care.
Pyramid schemes?
(Ignore that).

None of the above!

So join if you want a place to chat breeze and not have your balls busted.
I'm Jewish Monarch, thank you very much for reading and until next time...


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