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T34 Review

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Ignitable Duk #1 Posted 18 April 2014 - 04:23 AM


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Matthew JE5U5 wanted me to make a T34 review, and said I could use his template he used on his 8,8 cm PaK Jagtiger Review, http://forum-console.worldoftanks.com/index.php?showtopic=22476



  • Turret will bounce most shots below Tier 10
  • High Penetration
  • High Damage
  • Good Silver Making Potential


  • Long Reload
  • Low Damage per Minute
  • Mediocre Gun Accuracy
  • Very Sluggish compared to other Tier 8 Heavies
  • Tier 10 Tank Destroyers easily Penetrate Turret Front
  • Long Aiming Time


It makes silver very well, and I personally average 90k a match with this, with a premium account. Recently I dealt 6,000 damage and made 150k Silver. I would have made more but most of the targets were either on my tier or lower. You can judge for yourself if you like that or not.


Gameplay Tips:

  • The T34 is basically a tier 8 T29. Its hull armor is nearly non-existent, so you would do well to go Hull-Down whenever possible. That said, Tier 10 TD's will have no trouble penetrating the turret front, so keep that in mind if tier 10s are in the game. You also have a cupola on the top of your Turret that isnt to difficult to hit when at close range - within 100m generally.
  • The gun has massive Penetration and Damage for a tier 8, but there are consequences for that. You have a very long reload time, thus making your DPM take a hit. The T34 prefers to be middle or bottom tier, as being top tier you need to be the one pushing, as your a heavy, Whereas if your middle or bottum tier, you can afford to play more of a support role, which this does very nicely. This gun can penetrate most tier 10s, and with premium (APCR, not HEAT) shells, you can penetrate even the strongest targets, such as a T110E3's lower glacious, or the superstructures of heavily armored Tank Destroyers.
  • This isnt a very slow tank, but it falls behind other heavies in its tier, and often feels sluggish while turning. Keep that in mind while crossing open fields, or trying to reach agressive positions.


Recommended Equipment:

  • Large Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • Improved Ventilation Class 3
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive / Spall Liner

Explanation of Recommended Equipment:

  • Large Caliber Tank Gun Rammer - Your reload time is quite long, any help you can get is very usefull.
  • Improved Ventilation Class 3 - Same with the Gun Rammer, this will help get your reload time down, but also improve the percentage your crew is operating at. Example: If you have 100% crew and install Vents, you will now have a crew operating at 105%, thus doing everything 5% better, quicker, more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive - This will cut down on your Aiming time, which is also quite slow. Spall Liner - This is a secondary choice, Mainly because you are a big target for artillery, and if enemies attempt to penetrate your turret and fail repeatedly, they may start firing High Explosive, and a Spall Liner will help you to take less damage, if any.


Anti-T34 Tips:

  • The easiest place to penetrate a T34 is the hull. Avoid shooting at the turret at all costs.
  • If your forced to shoot at the turret, then aim for the cupola on the top.
  • A last ditch resort is to, if you have enough penetration, load premium and try to fire straight through the turret face. DO NOT shoot the mantet. Its near 300mm, unless your a tier 10 TD, your going to fail.
  • The T34 has a long reload, so if you have a high dpm tank, rushing the T34 (as long as it has no friends to back it up) if definitley a viable option.
  • Tracking and circling a T34 is suprisingly effective, as the turret turns very slowly.


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