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How to set up Your British TD

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MrWuvems #1 Posted 11 August 2014 - 01:30 AM


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Gun Rammer - Required


Alright, there's two lines of thought on this: the first one is that you set yourself up for extreme range. At excessive range, people have a hard time hitting your weak spots, while you're happily throwing shells at people. This also covers your weakness of generally low firing arcs and not being able to turn. This generally works better before tier 8, due to the AT-15 and Tortoise being pretty tall.

Use: Binoculars, Camo net


The other line of thought is that you set up your TD like a heavy tank, slowly going forward crushing everything. This means you have different priorities. And you have choices/

Binoculars: still good

Improved Ventilation: More everything. Note you will be paying for the class 3 AKA super-expensive version

Toolbox: Faster repairs, and you will be using it. Also removable for free when you upgrade

Spall Liner: Great for screwing with arty... right until the point where it's not. A lucky shot or one to the engine deck means a penetration, which the spall liner won't do anything to.


At tier 10 it's easy: Gun Rammer, Vents, Gun Laying Drive




Carry enough premium ammunition, at the least, to knock out your own tank.



Med packs and Repair kits are mandatory for all tanks.

The fire extinguisher is an odd case. It really only helps you against arty and people that are behind you (and will kill you anyway. Seriously, you're defenseless) You get what you pay for; this is the least expensive option.

PUDDING! Pudding increases your rate of fire, vision, makes you turn faster, all sorts of good stuff.

Double-stacking med packs or repair kits are an option. You get one large repair kit/med pack and one small one. When you need to use one, you use the small one and keep the passive effect from the large one as long as you can.


Crew Skills:

If you have a decent supply of gold, always train a crew skill and then retrain into the perk you want. That way you get the skill's effect while leveling it (perks have no effect until 100%). Don't take any commander-keyed crew skills except Sixth Sense, because he dies. Every game. All the Time.


Start with any order of Sixth Sense + Brothers in Arms + Repairs. These are the "big three" and you use them all.



Deadeye: This line has rapid-fire high penetration guns, perfect for this perk.

Track Mechanic. Puny spammers can't stop me!



Mentor. First or not at all.

Camo. For tiers 4-7

Pain Tolerance. Since your crew gets hit a lot, I generally recommend this as skill #4, after the big three

Clutch Braking. You turn. SO SLOW

Off-road Driving. You actually have trouble maintaining 20 over some terrain. This... partially mitigates it.

Armorer. People shoot at your gun port a lot.

Muffled Shot/Green Thumb/Silent Driving. Lower priority for tanks before the AT-15. Generally muffled shot > Silent Driving > Green Thumb


You may notice I didn't mention any anti-fire perks. This is because if you get lit on fire, it's because you were going to die anyway.

Also, no vision perks because one of them is a commander perk (he dies) and your radio operator dies almost as much

Snotty Salsa #2 Posted 11 August 2014 - 01:50 AM


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This is great, I have a Tortoise but still gained heaps from reading the above. Upvote for you!

MrWuvems #3 Posted 11 August 2014 - 01:59 AM


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View PostSnotty Salsa, on 10 August 2014 - 08:50 PM, said:

This is great, I have a Tortoise but still gained heaps from reading the above. Upvote for you!


Note that the Tortoise gets the smallest effect from Deadeye, but it's kind of funny, since when you do crit it makes people even more scared of the 120.

DeathWalker67 #4 Posted 17 August 2014 - 05:39 PM

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Great post and very, very good info. Thank you.

MrWuvems #5 Posted 02 September 2015 - 02:17 AM


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Freaking British HE.

Jherry Angel #6 Posted 02 September 2015 - 06:36 AM


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Thanks for this - much appreciated.  I run quite a few British tanks and lurve the lights (esp. the Crusader), mediums (Cromwell/Knight), heavies (Excelsior and Caernarvon), and then there's Bert but have troubles feeling the same about the AT line. I've gotten to the AT8 after spunking some free experience (with a fairly new crew) and struggle.  Maybe time to convert to sniper-mode for a while and rack-up some more skills etc before going back to 'Crush! Kill!! Destroy!!!' mode. Happy tanking :)


 "Whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you ... stranger." 

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