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the battle of the mountain pass

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De4thSt4lker206 #1 Posted 15 August 2014 - 08:22 AM


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Today in a 5 man platoon battle, my 5 man platoon ended up facing 5 reds, though they had considerably more firepower as we had 3 tier 8's a t21 scout and a tier 6 m44 artillery piece, while they had 3 lowes a t32 and a pershing.


this set the stage for a cunning plan, as having witnessed arty in the south hide on the other side of that small ridge, we decided to hide all 3 of our tier 8's there. the t21 went to bridge and spotted the enemy crossing in the right/north side of the map, he harassed them with the aid of our artillery until we were positioned, and then he fled until he was invisible.


our artillery bravely sat in the open as the enemy crested the ridge toward our base, just out of proximity detection range, he fell bravely to the t32 as the pershing rushed up to the normal arty position (likely setting up to defend against our "return" from another flank, the t32 ambled into our base, and the order was given, we three in a t34, a centurion 1, and tiger 2 rose up behind the t32 and tore him to pecies, and at that moment, our t21 arrived in their base.


the pershing tried to descend the hill but we tracked him, and he took far more damage than if he had jumped, however he escaped, as 2 of the lowes rounded the main path to the base to engage us, and the third appeared farther along the river, however, I kept him suppressed as my team set to work on the others, destroying one and wounding the other, and just as the pershing arrived at their base, the t21 acquired his invader medal and the game was won.

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