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Comet tips and tricks

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Teh Maged #1 Posted 26 August 2014 - 03:41 AM

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This was a tank that I found to be more balanced then I originally thought. In order to better understand what makes the Comet what it is you have to understand its main competition. The Panther and T20 are complete bipolar opposites(we will get to the T-43 in a moment). In the case of the Panther, the tank is well armored with a high penning gun, with good dpm. Problem is the gun has low damage per shot and the dpm is only good. Coupled with the fact the tank is huge for a medium. You can see how this tank can sometimes be difficult to play in higher tier matches. The T20 is a great passive scout with a nice 90mm gun and the tank itself practically craps lightening out the gates at the very beginning of  a match(fastest tank usually). However it has no armor and is penned rather easily.


So here we have the Comet. The Comet is sort of the best of both worlds. Its quick and capable tank which gives it good flanking ability. The gun itself fires at a higher rate then the Panther but with less alpha damage then the T20's 90mm gun. Its armor is much better then the T20(you can even use hull down tactics more effectively) however your not as well armored as the sloped armor the Panther has.


Comet is meant to be the happy middle/all rounder tank. T-43 comes up just a little short in this regard. While the T-43 does have some traits one may find outstanding as a all rounder without being placed into a specialist role like the T20 or Panther, it however does lack gun depression. It has great alpha damage but the lack of gun depression is what balances it out and places the Comet in my opinion as the front runner of as the all rounder of tier 7 meds.


One should note when playing the Comet you should be playing your position wisely. While you do have nice armor, you can still be penned. I would also suggest possibly having a few premium rounds on hand since it does suck being placed in a tier 9 match.


Centurion 1 hopefully will be coming up next week ;) 

J0N3K4T #2 Posted 26 August 2014 - 03:50 AM

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Quickybaby had nothing but praise for the Comet's gun depression, which I have found to rival almost all of the American tanks in my garage.

CaptainKazuma #3 Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:23 PM


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I can usually only do good in the comet when i'm at the top of the lobby tier wise. Anything above me is usually very difficult to fight, you can't penetrate anything head on and you always have to resort to flanking. You can benefit greatly if your team is holding the front line, just do a little sneaky doo and some peaky boo's.

Graymane #4 Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:18 PM


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Just had a stonking game in this tank, 2,100 base xp and over 3'500 damage.  Only enough for 1st class, no mastery.  This tank is very underrated. Was not expecting to enjoy it so much. It's a keeper for sure! 


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