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A request for the stream group.

Oh yeah.

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XxDAFFYxxDUCKxX #1 Posted 03 November 2014 - 06:41 PM


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If the stream is dying down, try 5 man platoons of the following: 

TOGs. Sure, you pretty much have to camp to win, but it is so funny watching them scramble away at the force of 5 togs.

KV-2s. 152 mm MG, anyone?

ELC's. Because running around killing off a tiger tank in less than 10 seconds is funny.

Autoloaders in general: Pretty obvious.

When you need to break out the big guns:

Pz 1 c: Tried this one out last night, has been the MOST fun I have ever had in WoT. Just be wary of french tanks, they tend to be too tough. However, seeing a bunch of flak buses on the enemy team is the funniest thing you will ever see. 

FV304: When you wish to give anyone and everyone who is not arty safe, a bad day. 

Chaffee: See ELC, but with so much more DPM.

Matilda: When you wish to never be able to lose.

Death stars: See KV-2, on a much grander scale.

KV-5s. Be able to ram your opponent with the combined strength equal to godzilla.

and finally, 

The unstoppable B1 platoon. Here this one out: The B1 is like the TOG of tier 4. Except it's gun is crap. But it does fire fast, add 5, and you have an autocannon, when all firing gold, can immediately tear apart any tier 4 in less than 3 seconds. And you also have some armor and speed. Give it a shot.

(Tier ten platoons of E50Ms, E100's, T57s, Bat chats, T-62A, and E3 platoons a go. The Waffle is not mentioned because the existence of a 5 man WTE100 platoon is pretty much as unholy and evil as one could possibly get.

R.I.P. Lucky the cat, (2-24-14) you magnificent bastard.

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