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Thanks arty Epic match

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SanguisDiabolus #1 Posted 03 January 2015 - 08:01 AM


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I had an amazing match about a week ago. Decided to work towards the Hellcat so I was in the tier IV M8A1. Playing on Port, and I manage to score a couple early kills, but I paid for it as I was reduced to about 10% health; one more hit and I was dead. I fall back to protect our 2 artillery pieces since I'm low on health. I score another kill after I fall back on a damaged Covenanter. I look up and I see that it's just me and the 2 artillery pieces against 4 tanks.

At this point I'm like "Aw, **** well there goes this game, but I'm gonna try." I then realize the artillery pieces are pushing forward ahead of me. My initial reaction reaction was "Oh great this dumb arty's gonna get itself killed," but then I realized his intention. The artillery pieces pushed ahead and sacrificed themselves so I knew where the remaining 4 enemies were, and I managed to pick them off one by one without getting hit. I wish I had thought to remember their gamertags and send them messages with my thanks, but I was too hype in the moment. If you guys are out there and read this, thank you! You allowed me to win that game for everyone.




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