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TheFinalCrash #1 Posted 05 March 2015 - 01:20 AM


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Hi everyone,


  I will be streaming for a few hours tomorrow if anyone's interested.  Many of the maps have been updated, as such I need to relearn the best locations for my mediums.  






  Many mistakes will be made, but this is how you learn the best spots, through trial and error.  If you want to learn with me, I'd be happy to share valuable info.  


I will be using three tanks, two Super Pershings(one is the Freedom), and my M48 Patton.  Both take a lot of skill to use effectively.  


I will be using two of my most trained crews, Igor and Rory Twdell.  Rory is almost at his 18th skill.  





M48 Patton: (Crew has all view range skills)

Coated Optics

Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer


Large Repair Kit OR Small Repair Kit

Large Medical Kit OR Small Medical Kit



Mostly regular shells

20? Heats

4 HE for WTs


Freedom (All view range skills when using Rory)

Coated Optics

Vents/OR Vertical Stabilizer

Gun Rammer


Small Medical Kit


Large Repair Kit (Use as last resort, need its 10%boost to repair time)


Small Repair Kit (usually goes to emergency track repair)



Moslty AP shells


20-25 gold rounds for clutch moments or certain tier 8/9s


4 HE for WTs



Also to be included is my commentary, I'll point out items I think are of significance.  


Now, since I no longer know the best locations, I will be dying more often than I usually do, so I can test out whether certain map locations are good or not.  


I thank you for your time, 




*I will not be checking messages during the stream as a means of counter spam


*My commentary will be PG rated, so all audiences can watch. ( I will mute team members that go past this rating)


*I will not be joining a squad, Solo is faster, and less hassle.


*I can't check messages on Twitch during the stream since I'm using 1 screen, switching would be a hassle.




Link to my Twitch Page





had to reschedule this for Friday. 

Date moved to Monday.



Been too busy, won't be able to log on or stream until 3-16-15.  Sorry for the delay. 

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