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"Very Heavy Stream" 14.03.15

Sokolikim Stream sokolikim Russian stream SOKOLIKIM

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SOKOLIKIM #1 Posted 11 March 2015 - 06:05 PM

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"Very Heavy Stream"



Our platoon Stream consists of five persons
four of whom played on heavy tanks "Мouse":



1.SOKOLIKIM(The player SOKOLIKIM acts as a support and leading Stream
therefore plays on any class tanks level 10 except artillery)

2.Xan Ray(HT 'Maus):honoring:

3.Artyri0s(HT 'Maus):angry:

4.DeHbKa B TaHke(HT 'Maus):playing:

5.PyJLoH O6oeB 80(HT 'Maus):justwait:


Reserve player

1.KBA3AP47 (HT 'Maus):harp:


Participants (can be assembled platoons) wishing Stream win the game gold
need to wait for the beginning of the Stream YouTube channel (link to the channel is below).

15.03.15 at 4:00 p.m. (MSK) include online chat channel Youtube, there will be a countdown to pressing "to the battle", run the game at the same time with the stream-platoon.Excluded play on Artillery and Tank Destroyers:arta:.



When starting a fight in different teams with stream-platoon, your goal is to send
any of the HT "Maus" stream-platoon in hangar,for each destroyed "Maus"
will be credited with the game gold:coin:
(the amount of remuneration depends on the number of participants in the Stream,
also increased the reward for the ammunition exploded, destroying the entire stream-cocking one player, etc.,for the destruction of
SOKOLIKIM game gold is not charged:P).The player also has unlimited attempts to participate in the lottery game gold,
but only every second fight(for example having played one fight, the player skips
one start and only the second time starts simultaneously with the streams),if the same player will be greeted by a few
fights in a row it will be regarded as fraud and participation of the player in the competition
canceled including the earned gold will also be canceled:facepalm:
(please let others also participate).



To participate in the contest, leave a message in this topic.


And also watch events on the Youtube channel at this link.




Good luck, see you this Saturday.





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