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Actions that Earn Silver and XP

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Aveline WGA #1 Posted 11 June 2015 - 09:00 PM


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Hey There Tankers!


I've seen a few posts asking/ sharing this information with players and I wanted to provide a post to go over the many different things you can do in-game to get the most buck for your bang.  :coin:

Completing any of the actions listed below can earn your either Silver, XP, or Both!


During the Battle

Battle Action Earns XP  Earns Silver
Complete a battle (don't exit to Garage before destruction) ---- Yes

Spotting an enemy tank for the first time


Yes Yes

Damaging enemies you are spotting


Yes Yes

Damaging enemies that your team is spotting


Yes Yes

Damage done to targets you are spotting by teammates who are not spotting that enemy


Yes Yes

Inflicting critical damage to a module or a crew member


Yes ----
Disabling an enemy vehicle (knock out the entire crew) Yes Yes

Track (disable the tracks of) an enemy who is destroyed by another player


Yes ----

Destruction shot, the shot that knocks out an enemy


Yes ----
Receiving a direct hit Yes ----
Close combat bonus Yes ----

Scoring base capture points


Yes ----
Scoring base defense points (shooting a capturing enemy) Yes ----

Completed base capture


Yes ----

After the Battle

After Battle Bonuses Earns XP  Earns Silver
Survive Yes ----
Team performance bonus (based on the total damage inflicted by your team) Yes ----
Loss ---- ----
Draw ---- ----
Victory Yes Yes
Courageous Resistance (earn a Battle Hero, Epic, or Platoon achievement and lose) Yes Yes
Active Premium account Yes Yes
First daily victory with the vehicle Yes ----



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