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AT-15A 2-on-1 slug fest, or how I...

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Lil Banana Boat #1 Posted 10 July 2015 - 03:32 PM

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... learned to carry a tool box with repairs skill.

Abbey standard, west of north spawn plateau. I ended up in a 2-on-1 close-range engagement with a KV-3 and 59-16 that ended with my being tracked so many times--well, I'd need to borrow some fingers from you to count with--and two dead OPFOR. I think that was their undoing. They tracked me so much to try to get behind me, but did not hurt me as they should have, that I was eventually able to maneuver for shots that put them away. Seemed epic at the time, and must has lasted for 6 or 7 minutes. It included my pushing the 59-16 up the rock embankment as far as he could go. Funny it was. Him shooting down at me sideways on the angle.

Pretty sure I ran the 59-16 out of ammo, because he stopped shooting and tried to run, but I tracked him and then it was all over. The KV-3 tried to sweep around but I untracked at the right time and swung with him just enough to get a rear corner shot, and that was that for him.

The gun/turret sweep angle of the -15A is pretty wide and I was thankful for it for both final shots.


Lessons learned: I immediately traded a Camo net for a Tool Box, swapped Mentor out for Repairs (6-skill crew), and blessed myself for already having Off-Road and Clutch Breaking.

I know I broke their hearts with them thinking the -15A was going to be easy pickings--and they likely launched their controllers--when I destroyed them, but I was on a high all evening.

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